Welcome to my home page.

This online platform, a gateway to my professional and personal worlds, as well as the innovative work we're doing at M2 Lab.

In the 'Personal' section, dive into a collection of videos and photos reflecting my life outside work. It's a colorful glimpse into the things I love and cherish.

The 'Professional' section houses my resume-a roadmap of my career journey, skills, and experiences. It's a comprehensive representation of my professional evolution.

The 'M2 Lab' section is the digital front door to our laboratory at Yildiz Technical University, established in 2022. M2 Lab, representing the synergy between medical and mechatronics, is home to numerous exciting research projects, primarily focusing on the development of ophthalmological technology. This space is not just a hub of scientific innovation but also an incubator for aspiring researchers.

Whether you're here to connect, explore, or learn, I'm glad you've come. Feel free to reach out using the social media buttons scattered throughout the site. Welcome, and enjoy your visit.